I am Sasikala Venkatesh. My place of origin is Bangalore. Currently I am married and moved to Countryside in Kerala called Mavoor, the nearest city is Kozhikode. I am a mother of 1-year-old beautiful baby girl. I am a very busy home maker and I work as an affiliate marketer online.

I started my career in sales and marketing, then moved onto Customer Service and Support, Business Development and finally landed as a Fashion Merchandiser and I worked in many top-notch companies and was very successful. Change is the only permanent thing in my life. So came the change to say goodbye to Bangalore’s chaotic grey life and say hello to a quite, peaceful, luscious green countryside.

After the birth of my daughter, I had to start thinking of ways to earn for the family as the expenses grew day by day and my husband alone couldn’t manage, so I had to look for alternates for extra incomes.  I just couldn’t pack up and go anywhere, anytime, I had to take consideration of my daughter, my husband and all the related work and that’s when I decided the best way is to find a job online. It wasn’t easy as it sounds. If you really want to know what I was going through then visit my first blog site Akshithaa Ravi

My Interests are of wide varieties, ranges from writing, blogging, cooking, gardening, home making, fashion, stitching, teaching, television, movies.


So, What do you think?

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